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Photography has been a lifelong hobby of mine and another medium through which I've enjoyed telling stories of people I've met and places I've traveled to. My photography has appeared both in print and online in The Washington Post, Esquire, USA Today, The Local Palate, Food & Wine, Zagat, Wine Enthusiast, Men’s Journal and more.


Here are just a few places you can see my photos featured:

Wine Enthusiast - Don't Overlook Washington D.C.'s Wine Scene 

The Washington PostThese new bars are all about making wine more fun — and less intimidating

Food & WineThe One Huge Problem with Restaurant Wines You Probably Never Noticed

Esquire - How to Brew The Most Important Beer of Your Life

Men’s Journal - Make Your Own Fireball Whisky

EsquireThe Best New Food in America, 2014

The Local Palate5 O’Clock Somewhere Friday: Bar Song

Food & WineThe Pork-strami Sandwich is Everything You Want it to be

The Washington Post (photo in print edition only) – Fill Your Cup as Festivals Celebrate Craft Breweries and Seasonal Favorites

First We FeastHow to Make Your Own Fireball Whiskey

To view my full portfolio, please visit my Flickr photostream.

To get a quote for a photography project, please contact me. I specialize in professional portraits, as well as food and restaurant photography.

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