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I've spent the past decade building a career in marketing and communications with a focus on digital, brand and product marketing.

From building social media strategies for the nation's largest non-profit to creating email campaigns that drove a quarter of a million dollars in sales in three months, I'm well-versed in storytelling in the digital space. Additionally, in the earlier part of my career, I juggled a communications job by day and freelance food writing and photography by night.


Here you'll find examples of digital campaigns I've led, as well as articles and blog posts I've been featured in or have authored.

For a PDF version of my portfolio, click here.


Social Security Video Series

  • OBJECTIVE: Help Americans determine the best age to claim Social Security

  • IDEA: Interview real Americans from diverse backgrounds who claimed early, at full retirement benefits age and late for a Facebook and YouTube video series

  • THE OPPORTUNITY: Position the brand as a knowledgeable, approachable authority on the topic. Build on existing trust stemming from our decades of advocacy work protecting Social Security.


    • Reached more than 2.3 million Facebook users 62+

    • Users who engaged with and recalled watching the videos reported an 8.6 point lift in favorability for AARP

    • According to Facebook, this brand lift campaign performed 4x better than other brands in North America

    • Despite not having any direct membership ask in the campaign, users reported a 4.3 point increase in intent to join AARP

    • On YouTube, users watched an average of 73% of each video—surpassing AARP’s internal benchmarks

    • Named a 2018 finalist for PR News’ Social Media Awards: Facebook Use of Video and YouTube Best Marketing/PR Campaign

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